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A Handcrafted Utility Table Decor Black Pottery Salt & Pepper Containers/ Dispensers/ Shakers - Set of 2 by INDIA OF HANDICRAFTS. World famous Black Pottery Art piece. Artificial Black colour is not used on it, it is naturally Black because of a unique Clay baking Techniqe used by the Potters of Nizamabad, Azamgarh. Perfectly Handcrafted by the talented Artisans. Suitable for your healthy storage needs.


Product Dimensions : L 5 x W 5 x H 7 cm

Weight : 128 grams approx.

Colour : Black, Yellow, Orange

Base Material : Clay

Art Work : Famous Black Pottery baking Technique, Hand Clay Crafting & Painting

Handcrafted Black Pottery Salt & Pepper Containers/Dispensers/Shakers - Set of 2

₹340.00 Regular Price
₹323.00Sale Price
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